Deb Levy

Debra Levy

Phone: 540-602-3282
Holly Biller

Holly Biller

Phone: 540-602-3251

Barry Atkins

Sales Manager (Europe, Asia, South America, Event Sales)
Phone: 540-602-3268

Sarah Bauder

AGW and WFCT Competition Coordinator/Glass Expos Registrar
Phone: 540-602-3259

Kathy Bimber

AGSC Director of Operations
Phone: 540-602-3263
Chris Bunn

Chris Bunn

Video Producer
Phone: 540-602-3254
Dawn Campbell

Dawn Campbell

Art Director/Managing Editor
Phone: 540-602-3247
Tina Czar

Tina Czar

Director of Exhibits/Events
Phone: 540-602-3261

April Deane

Administrative Manager/AGSC Director of Certification
Phone: 540-602-3255

Casey Flores

Phone: 540-602-3260
Erin Harris

Erin Harris

Advertising Coordinator
Phone: 540-602-3250
Nathan Hobbs

Nathan Hobbs

Research and Data Associate
Phone: 540-809-4590

Bryan Hovey

Web Developer
Phone: 540-602-3244
Joshua Huff

Joshua Huff

Senior Editor
Phone: 540-602-3243
Saundra Hutchison

Saundra Hutchison

Art Director
Phone: 540-602-3245

Josh Lentz

Sales Manager (West and Northeast US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
Phone: 540-602-3248
Tricia Lopez

Tricia Lopez

Senior Events Director
Phone: 540-602-3257

Seth Maiman

AGSC Director of Public Affairs
Phone: 540-602-3281

Lisa Naugle

Associate Publisher/Sales Manager (Midwest Region)
Phone: 540-602-3253

Scott Rickles

Sales Manager (Southeast Region)
Phone: 540-602-3258
Ellen Rogers

Ellen Rogers

Vice President of Editorial Content
Phone: 540-602-3249
Nicole Rubio

Nicole Rubio

Marcom Manager
Phone: 540-602-3271
Daniel Snow

Daniel Snow

Vice President of Operations -
Phone: 540-602-3267
Nick St. Denis

Nick St. Denis

Director of Research
Phone: 540-602-3265

Heidi Sutton

Phone: 540-809-5724
Drew Vass

Drew Vass

Executive Editor/Associate Publisher
Phone: 540-602-3256
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